Serpent Dancers'

Fire & Snake Show

She’s Hotter Than Hell

Dare to be different. Book the Risqué’s Serpent Dancer Show.

  • 1 x Serpent Dancers’ Fire and Snake Show (R-rated)


The exotic meets the ultra-erotic in this one-of-a-kind R-rated Fire and Snake Show. Expect real fireworks and hot-blooded nudity in this blazing performance by Risqué’s own queen of fire, the Snake Dancer aka Tara Fox. She has become a sensation at Adelaide’s Inferno. The fire show includes fire fans, fire palms, fire wands, lycopodium powder fire spray, butane bubbles, fire eating and fire fleshing. Weaving through the flames, the Snake Dancer worships her reptilian master. If that doesn’t sound flaming awesome you’re already cooked.

  • Venue requirements

1. Stage area of a minimum 4×4 meters + enough room to hold the crowd size
2. Ceiling clearance of at least 3.5 meters
3. Non-flammable flooring, clear of tripping hazards
4. Ventilation (venue requires sufficient fresh air flow for smoke to dissipate)
5. Access to running water
6. Private holding area for props and preparation
7. Loud speaker access (please inform Risqué if you do not have one available)
8. Stable chair

Serpent Dancer Fire & Snake Show

Running time 15-20 minutes



Grand total: $000.00
Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item

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