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Tara Fox

Foxy Lady

With looks to kill and a body to match, our Risqué Exclusive babe Tara Fox (aka The Serpent Dancer) is in a sphere of her own. An extraordinary talent, Tara makes much more than an impression, she literally burns her sexy image into your brain. This super vixen can do anything – even eat fire! Ludicrously hot in lingerie, and titillating topless, she also performs as a seductive showgirl-come-temptress, guaranteeing your event is so heated you might just need to adjust the thermostat.

A Risqué Exclusive Girl isn’t just a beautiful model; she’s magnetic, a charismatic artist who truly understands the art of personal service and performance erotica. Put simply, Risqué Models and Showgirls are the best there is.

Plan Your Event to Make it Risqué

  • Height: 171cm
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Bust Size: 10D
  • Dress Size: 8-10
  • Shoe Size: 9
  • Tattoos: Yes
  • Piercings: No

Available for

  • Bead & Bath Show
  • Bikini Waitress
  • Booty Chef
  • Bubble Bath Show
  • Car Wash
  • Cocktail Dress
  • DominatriXXX Show
  • G-string Waitress
  • Hot Vibe XXX Show
  • Lap Dancing
  • Lingerie Waitress
  • Mild Dominatrix Show
  • Mild Lesbian Show
  • Mild Novelty Show
  • Mini Vibe XXX Show
  • Novelty Fire Show
  • Nude Waitress
  • Progressive Waitress
  • Promo Model
  • Ribbon & Lollipop Show
  • Serpent Charmer Fire & Snake XXX Show
  • Serpent Charmer Fire XXX Show
  • Strawberries & Cream Novelty Show
  • Topless Waitress
  • XXX Lesbian Show

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Risqué Entertainment is South Australia’s leading Adult Entertainment agency and premium provider of world-class, luxury strippers, topless waitresses and topless waiters. Risqué is the premier choice for Buck shows, Gentleman nights, Special Events as well as Girls nights, and Poker Nights. 

Since 2001, Risqué has continued to deliver the finest quality, unforgettable experiences, ranging from mild to wild.

Disclaimer: Risqué Entertainment is an adult entertainment service only, we do not provide any form of escort services.

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