How far in advance do I need to book?

As the saying goes… first come, first served which also applies with our booking process. Therefore to avoid disappointment we advise that you book your entertainment as soon as possible to receive priority of your selected talent.
What if I’ve left it to that week to organise?

Don’t stress we will still accommodate you to the best we can. Keeping in mind we have peak periods and time slots, which are September through to March so more popular entertainers can be booked out weeks in advance.
When do we pay for our entertainment?

Upon making the booking we require a booking fee payment within 7 days. The remaining balance is due on the night of your booking and paid direct to the entertainers individually in the form of cash only.

How can I pay for my booking fee?

We accept VISA, MasterCard or Bankcard over the phone, Cheque, Direct deposit transfer, Money Order or by coming into our office and paying cash or credit. We do not accept EFTPOS.

Can we request which entertainer we would like? Are they guaranteed to attend?

In majority of cases you WILL get your preferred entertainer/s however we cannot guarantee your request due to unforeseen circumstances; however we will always notify you if this occurs.

What time should we expect our entertainer to arrive?

We will call you the day before your booking to confirm all details and to ensure your event runs as smooth as possible. If your entertainer is for any reason running late, either our office or the entertainer will call you and advise a new time of arrival.

What if I have a bus booked or need to be out of the venue at a certain time?

You will need to advise us upon making the booking what the departure time is to ensure there is an adequate arrival time for the entertainers on the night.

What if our entertainer does not show up?

This is a rare occurrence with our agency as we have a very strict reliability policy, however if your entertainer has not arrived within 30 minutes of the proposed arrival time it is imperative you call the agency ASAP so we can follow up and resolve the issue.

Are the entertainers on your website current?

We update our website on a monthly basis so you can be sure our entertainers and all information is current.

Are photos permitted at our event?

We have a <i>NO photo policy</i>. Many of our entertainers have other jobs which may conflict with the industry. Although, some entertainers will charge a small fee to allow a few photos so you MUST consult the entertainers individually upon their arrival. If your guests do not abide by this SIMPLE rule the entertainer is well within their legal rights to take action. Please ensure all mobiles and cameras are either on the floor or in your pocket to avoid any confusion during the performance so one person does not spoil the event for everyone.

Why should I choose your agency over others?

We are dedicated to long term customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on our professionalism. We are the ONLY adult entertainment agency in SA that has an established office and do not operate from home. We conduct a personal meet and greet of ALL entertainers before they are given shifts. We do not hire just from an emailed photograph as most other agencies do.

You are guaranteed a successful event when booking through a well known, professional and reputable agency. We look forward to entertaining you and your guests soon