Casino Risqué

At The Races Ultra

Everyone’s A Winner!

  • 3 hours of play (max 100 people)
  • 3 x Clothed Bookmaker Host
  • 1 x Customised Racing Guide + Fund Money
  • 4-6 Pre-recorded Races
  • 1 x Horse Racing backdrop
  • 1 x Winner’s trophy
  • The top 6 earners race off to be the champion & win the trophy
  • Good for Football clubs, Charities & Fundraisers


You will always back a winner with a Casino Risqué At The Races Package.

Risqué Entertainment bribngs to you the next level in Event amusements. Hire a Professional Poker table, complete with Casino-quality cards and chips. It’s game on.

Make it the perfect evening for your guests by adding Risqué Waitresses as well as combining it with a Risqué Show or extra Package.

At The Races Package Ultra

3 x Clothed Bookmaker Hosts. 3 hours of play. Up to 100 ppl.



Grand total: $000.00
Pay a deposit of $1,870.00 per item

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