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Bead and Bath

Lady Beads and Bubbles

  • A striptease guranteed to bubble over


Our lovely ladies lay it all on then clean it all off. A wildly wicked striptease performance that spills over into a bubbly affair with a pleasure bead performance that will leave you screaming for more. Just be aware – one of you is going to get their hands wet.

Selecting Models
When booking a Risqué Package or Show, you may choose your preferred performers. Please select as many as you wish. Whilst we do our best to fulfill all requests, some performers may be unavailable due to prior bookings. If this occurs, Risqué Entertainment will select the most suitable performers for your event.

A Girl for Every Event
Risque models and striptease performers are available and ready to entertain you and your guests at your next event. Whether it’s a Bucks Night, Birthday Party, Special Theme Night, Sports night, Poker Tournament or anything else you can think off, our Risqué Topless Waitresses have you covered.

Servicing metropolitan adelaide, inner and outer suburbs and regional south australia. Transportation rates may apply to outer and regional areas.

Bead & Bath Show

Running time 20 minutes



Grand total: $000.00
Pay a deposit of $120.00 per item

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Alisha Rylee

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Risqué Entertainment is South Australia’s leading Adult Entertainment agency and premium provider of world-class, luxury strippers, topless waitresses and topless waiters. Risqué is the premier choice for Buck shows, Gentleman nights, Special Events as well as Girls nights, and Poker Nights. 

Since 2001, Risqué has continued to deliver the finest quality, unforgettable experiences, ranging from mild to wild.

Disclaimer: Risqué Entertainment is an adult entertainment service only, we do not provide any form of escort services.

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