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Invitation to Temptation

Chase, the irresistible maestro of allure, is a true heartthrob, weaving every woman’s wildest dreams into reality. With a dash of boyish charm and a gaze that smolders like a slow-burning fire, he’s a walking invitation to temptation. His magnetic aura sizzles with such intensity that it could light up the darkest room. Beware, for he knows the art of teasing the senses like a skilled musician playing a symphony of desire. As he struts into the room, his playful charm and razor-sharp wit are not just a feast for the eyes—they’re an all-you-can-flirt buffet! Watch, with bated breath, as your guests are swept off their feet, chasing after the taste of his enigmatic, forbidden fruit. He’s not just a catch; he’s the Chase everyone’s trying to keep up with!

  • Height: 179cm
  • Eye Colour: Green
  • Ethnicity: Australian
  • Shoe Size: 11
  • Tattoos: Moderate
  • Piercings: Yes

Available for

  • Cheeky Butler Waiter
  • Classy Waiter
  • Doctor theme
  • Fireman & Police Officer Themes
  • Full Monty Strip Show
  • G-String Strip Show
  • Hot Pants Waiter
  • Male Duo Strip Show
  • Nude Life Drawing Model
  • Progressive Waiter
  • Strip & Mingle

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Risqué Entertainment is South Australia’s leading Adult Entertainment agency and premium provider of world-class, luxury strippers, topless waitresses and topless waiters. Risqué is the premier choice for Buck shows, Gentleman nights, Special Events as well as Girls nights, and Poker Nights. 

Since 2001, Risqué has continued to deliver the finest quality, unforgettable experiences, ranging from mild to wild.

Disclaimer: Risqué Entertainment is an adult entertainment service only, we do not provide any form of escort services.

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