Kandice Black

Why book me?

If you want an energetic, sexy and fun entertainer for your night then I’m the girl for you! Touring in four different countries and every state in Australia makes me one of Adelaide’s most experienced entertainers.

With a professional background in gymnastics and dance my shows cover everything from mild to wild! Don’t let that think I skip out on my sex toys- you will get the works from all angles!

I love the fact that I can twerk up a storm and shake my bubble but like you’ve never seen before. Plus when you see how flexible I am my smile won’t be the only thing lighting up the room!

I’m a natural beauty from head to toe with a toned, petite body and a banging personality to match! I always take pride in my appearance making sure I look like you’re wildest fantasy.

My favourite shows are my XXX construction worker show- any excuse to get my tool box out and have a hard hammering

Book me for a doninatrix XXX or a whips and wax and see my naughty side come out as the latex and dog collars take over.

No job is too big or too small for me to handle- and if it is I’ll use my tools to fix it 😉

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