Imogen is our classic Blonde Bombshell! With her long blonde hair, hour-glass curves, sultry looks, gorgeous smile and down to earth personality, Imogen is the PERFECT waitress for your event!
What you see in the pictures is 100% what you get! Imogen prides herself on her appearance and her body and she’s definitely got the goods to back it up! Beauty, bubbly, boobs and booty sums up this classy buxom blonde perfectly!!

Height: 5’5”
Bust Size: 12F
Dress Size: 8-10
Tattoos: Nil

Why book me?

What you see is what you get… but only on the outside 😉 I’m one of the classiest waitresses out but you’ll be surprised to know I’m also a really laid back kinda girl! Who loves to have a chat and to get involved with the guys! I’m known to kick the ball around and join in with the games of the night! Don’t judge a book just by its cover! I may look like a Barbie.. but I’m also a funny, charismatic and down to earth girl at heart!I do NOT allow photography, videos, snapchats while I’m working and topless but am happy to pose for a photo with my lingerie on or clothed after my shift.

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