Kendall & Miley

The Kendall and Miley experience will leave you breathless, overwhelmed and satisfied.These fun sized, bootilicious beauties know how to get your heart racing and the crowd roaring.

Kendall and Miley as experienced showgirls offer you a performance like no other. The perfect balance between sensual and fun with a whole lot of ‘cheek’-iness.

Why book me?

If you are after energetic, down to earth, youthful and attractive entertainment then we are the girls for you! We’re the type of girls who can’t keep still! Always finding something to do whether it be mingling with everyone, playing tricks on the buck, getting involved (or distracting) beer pong or making sure everyone’s thirst it satisfied we just can’t stay put.

Our lesbian shows give you an insight on how girls can truly enjoy each other. Fast paced, lively and sexy as hell! Our shows will really get your party going.

Booking us together will give you the most out of your entertainment with over a decade of chemistry we just bounce off of each other.

Available as a waitressing duo or waitress and show package or just a wild xxx lesbian show with plenty of caressing, licking, kissing and an impressive toy collection.

With a never finalised list of matching costumes we can supply you with nearly any requested theme. Just ask upon booking.

See you soon


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